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The iPhone 5 Keynote in 4 minutes….

OK so after a long wait, actually it seems like it was yesterday when the 4S was released, Apple has announced the release of the iPhone 5. I watched a live blog of the event and believe that the abridged … Continue reading

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Is the ability to play Adobe Flash content keep you from buying an iDevice?

The ability to show Adobe Flash content has been a selling point for any mobile device challenging the iPhone for the number one spot in smart phone sales. Many iDevice owners have been waiting for Flash content to be natively available for … Continue reading

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Amazon announces the new Kindle Fire Today…

In the realm of digital tablets, a very high benchmark has been set by Apple’s iPad family. So much that any new tablet, by default, is labeled as the “next” iPad killer. Today announced an update to their eReader family, … Continue reading

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AT&T Offering 1,000 Free Rollover Minutes

AT&T Offering 1,000 Free Rollover Minutes (Courtesy of Good news for those of you with an iPhone on AT&T: you can get 1,000 free rollover minutes right now! All you have to do is text “YES” to 11113020 from … Continue reading

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Thanks for the “i” Steve: Steve Jobs steps down as CEO for Apple Inc.

Although this is not a blog specifically focused on technology, I feel compelled to bid farewell to Apple Inc.’s former CEO, Steve Jobs. Steve’s idea for the original Mac computer blossomed into a century changing grocery list of devices including but not limited to … Continue reading

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All Your Contacts May Belong To Facebook…

I read this blog on and thought…”this is need to know information” and our readers need to know. I, just like many of you use Facebook often. I do not think many people know the amount of exposure you are subjected to by using Facebook. The following … Continue reading

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Iphone Apps: Deal Flow = All offers in one place

Do you own an iPhone? Do you have the device notify you when there are offers from Groupon or Living Social in your area? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one application that sends you details on offers in your … Continue reading

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