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“Sweater Weather”

Hello folks! Summer is officially over. hopefully it was an enjoyable one for all.  With that being said… it’s back to work and school for many.  That includes us here at Boystomenblogazine. It’s time to put away the cargo shorts and … Continue reading

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Fall Shoe Preview…

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“The Tortoise and the Hare” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

The tortoise and the hare….. We all know this story. It’s about what becomes of boasting blindly. In it, a mistakenly self assured hare is convinced a tortoise, is no match for him; its classic cocky vs. confident. In exploring … Continue reading

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“Size DOES matter” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

Confusion is highly contagious and easily adaptable when it comes to style and trends. Granted as human beings we require choices. It keeps us from getting bored and turning the fashion industry on its ear. The 80s gave us tapered ankles and … Continue reading

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The Fugazi Movement

In these uncertain economic times. “Balling on a budget” is essential. With that said! Bootleggers are preying on those thrifty individuals who aspire to stay fresh regardless of the present financial climate. Anything & everything is being knocked off, from … Continue reading

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“The Pajama Phenomenon” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

There was a time when all we had was what was left over…scraps and patches of fabric. Forced to use our imagination and muster up some kind of creativity. It was our responsibility to make something out of virtual nothingness. In … Continue reading

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Madras the patchwork, lightweight cotton fabric with typically patterned texture and plaid design. Primarily a preppy staple, it has become more main stream in the past few summers. Madras clothing comes in various colors and designs. You can find this … Continue reading

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