The Martian Notifier: Connected Simplicity (Review) @Martianwatches

Webster Style

Thank you Apple! The Apple watch has single-handedly thrusting the smartwatch and connected devices in general to the fore front of the consciousness of the general populace. Those not in the know may think that the Apple watch is the only option out there, but those who know understand that there are a plethora of options when it comes to smartwatches on the market. While offerings from Apple, Samsung, and Pebble dominate the talk tech scene and retail shelves, one of the most unique offerings is from Martian Watches.

Cutting their teeth in the connected devices with their initial release of their Voice Command line of smartwatches, the company came back a few months ago with an updated line dubbed the Notifier. The line strips out the voice functions of the Voice Command line and focuses heavily on notifications. Over all the experience with the Martian Notifier has been almost…

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