9 Surprising Foods That Can Make You Gain Weight—Or Even Cause Health Problems

I had a grasp on some of this information but Quinoa was a surprise.


Foods That Can Make You Gain Weight Fleur Schinning Photography / Getty Images

While many of us do our best to eat right and steer clear of those “bad” foods we hear so much about (basically anything that tastes super delicious), we still may be sabotaging our health and diet goals unknowingly.

As it turns out, there are a number of supposedly good-for-you foods that, well, aren’t actually that good for you. Or, at least, we shouldn’t be eating them in large quantities as if they are super low in calories and fat-free.

So before you fill up your grocery basket with these 10 not-so-awesome edibles, heed expert advice on why these superfoods don’t always live up to their hype.

1. Yogurt 

While yogurt contains protein and calcium with good bacteria, most brands have too much sugar, according to fitness and nutrition expert Jenny Schatzle, creator of the Jenny Schatzle Program. “Make sure to read labels!…

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