Amazon announces the new Kindle Fire Today…

The new Kindle Fire

In the realm of digital tablets, a very high benchmark has been set by Apple’s iPad family. So much that any new tablet, by default, is labeled as the “next” iPad killer. Today announced an update to their eReader family, the Kindle Fire.

As many of you may know is a leader in the distribution of digital books and media so it is natural that they attempt to broaden their target market from simple E ink electronic display (the Kindle) to the more robust 7″ color display found on the new Kindle Fire. Here is an snippet from the website from Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon.

iPad Killer? hmm...maybe in some markets

The price point is very competitive. A device that is durable, plays movies and games, displays digital media in vibrant colors, and costs $300.00 less than lowest price iPad could be inviting to most consumers.

I am looking forward to manipulating this device and comparing the two. If you beat me to it post your ideas or feel free to comment on what you think of the “iPad killer” concept. Is the bar too high for other competitors or is the market large enough for all tablets?

Ding! Ding!


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2 Responses to Amazon announces the new Kindle Fire Today…

  1. Tevis Blount says:

    I do not know if it’s an iPad killer, but I think the device is a great multimedia device. I will be purchasing one then test it against my iPad 2. I have tried the Motorola Xoom and the Acer Iconia tablets. Neither in my opinion compare to my iPad. I think if the tech experts wil stop labeling them iPad killers, then the devices may have a leg to stand on.

    Android and iOS are two different worlds. One is user friendly out of the box (iOS). The other (android) has a learning curve. To each his own, but I prefer iOS, and to think I was a BlackBerry fanboy for years.

    So, I think the Kindle Fire is a going to be a great device for what it was made for. Books and media. We will know on Nov. 15.

  2. tra-may says:

    In a consumer driven industry, in order to stay relevant, competition must be fiercely intriguing. Good for Amazon. They have decided to be David in Goliath’s (Apple’s) world. To some degree, based on what their version offers, they have positioned themselves as the under dog. And although it may not be the iPad…it most certainly is a thrifty spender’s key to the techy’s club.

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