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Thanks for the “i” Steve: Steve Jobs steps down as CEO for Apple Inc.

Although this is not a blog specifically focused on technology, I feel compelled to bid farewell to Apple Inc.’s former CEO, Steve Jobs. Steve’s idea for the original Mac computer blossomed into a century changing grocery list of devices including but not limited to … Continue reading

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“The Tortoise and the Hare” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

The tortoise and the hare….. We all know this story. It’s about what becomes of boasting blindly. In it, a mistakenly self assured hare is convinced a tortoise, is no match for him; its classic cocky vs. confident. In exploring … Continue reading

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All Your Contacts May Belong To Facebook…

I read this blog on and thought…”this is need to know information” and our readers need to know. I, just like many of you use Facebook often. I do not think many people know the amount of exposure you are subjected to by using Facebook. The following … Continue reading

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A personal mantra: “What keeps you going?”

“Happy Monday”,” Good Monday”, “thank God it’s Monday” are phrases seldom heard on Monday mornings. “I hate Mondays”, “the weekend went by before I knew it”, and “four more days until Friday” are more likely to be heard in most … Continue reading

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