“Size DOES matter” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

Confusion is highly contagious and easily adaptable when it comes to style and trends. Granted as human beings we require choices. It keeps us from getting bored and turning the fashion industry on its ear.

80's Urban Fashion

The 80s gave us tapered ankles and close cut shoulders. It wasn’t so much a trend as it was a B-Boy’s uniform. Then we followed it up in the 90s with the exact opposite. We did the whole over-sized thing and it served its purpose. We needed room to grow.

Now here we are, all mature and stuff.  Trying to reach bigger goals and make better money.  But fashionably, some of us are still stuck.

Oh, you fancy huh?

There’s no way to rock snug high waters and an all too telling, tucked in button down and be taken seriously. Just like swimming in your t-shirt without a pool being present is a no go.

“Size matters”; don’t be afraid to wear pieces that actually fit.


If you’re not sure what fits, don’t be afraid to go get measured. Whether it’s a low or high-end item, it makes all the difference in the world.  Not only will you look better, but all those compliments you’ll be getting will confirm a new-found confidence, and may even get you a few new numbers.

P.S. the only things a man should be wearing with more than enough room to breathe (other than under garments) are sweats, basketball shorts and swim wear.

“Represent, represent…”, Nas


About boystomenblogazine

I am a fashion enthusiast that has engaged in the blog as a vehicle to grow from boys b-boy fashion to the distinguished men's fashion of yesteryear and today. As Arthur Ashe states, “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance". Ding! Ding!
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2 Responses to “Size DOES matter” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

  1. Rodro252 says:

    Good article. I just wish to see more people dress to their size.

  2. Tra-may says:

    Thank you….. as would I – but if the mind’s not right…..if the perception is off- then so will the attire connected to the individual

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