“The Pajama Phenomenon” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

There was a time when all we had was what was left over…scraps and patches of fabric. Forced to use our imagination and muster up some kind of creativity. It was our responsibility to make something out of virtual nothingness. In the process there were errors made and lessons learned. But nevertheless we made it work. As the times changed and independence was gained, freedom was born. In that freedom we found choices and variety. We were re-introduced to our tangible ideas of individualism; that which is expressed  without words. As a result, we became like peacocks; proud and beautiful; colorful and passionate; energetic and artful. Fully invested in our aura; our presence. Well aware that our senses required some form of entertainment; an external expression of what we thought of ourselves. And with the re-birth of gutsy and innovative designers, came fresh ideas and vehicles for self perception to travel freely.  Thus, introducing us to uncharted territories and innumerable concepts on the scheme of mixing and matching. Allowing us to take chances and courageously challenge the concepts of classic nuance.

So I ask, with all this style stimulation available to us, why are we traveling far beyond our front yards in pajamas?  Please understand this is not an attempt to venture off into the world of materialism. Nor is it about airs. It is however, about thought, self esteem and a humble sort of class; that which says not only do I represent myself, but I also represent my origin, my home base. I represent the foundation from whence I came.

I mean really think about it. Could you see your father or your father’s father going off to do an errand in his flannels, a t-shirt and the slippers you got him two Christmases ago?

Light bulb!



About boystomenblogazine

I am a fashion enthusiast that has engaged in the blog as a vehicle to grow from boys b-boy fashion to the distinguished men's fashion of yesteryear and today. As Arthur Ashe states, “Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance". Ding! Ding!
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One Response to “The Pajama Phenomenon” by Tracea Glover, Contributing Writer

  1. Akime says:

    Enuff said… sounds wave, even upon deaf ears….

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