The seersucker suit, a staple for your summer wardrobe.

This is one of my favorite summer additions. Classic veristile and distinctly gentleMANLY. explains how you should wear one.

Cool and deadly.

How Do You Wear a Seersucker Suit? (, 2010)

Summertime was made for seersucker suits. They’re cool and comfortable, looking crisp in even the most humid climates. There’s a reason why they were once considered the uniform for Southern Gentlemen. But how do you wear one? What goes with seersucker? Read on for some helpful pointers.

Accessorizing the seersucker suit
A good guideline with seersucker is to select a shirt that includes one of the stripe colors. So, if it’s a blue and cream stripe, then a shirt in either cream or blue will be the best way to go.

What style of dress shirt?
As far as the style of shirts that are useful, spread collar, point collar, or tab collar dress shirts will all work well. And the shirt selected should be all cotton if it is a dress shirt, and cotton or linen if it’s a sport shirt.

Selecting neckwear for seersucker
For the most part it is best to select a tie with a pattern. Ideally, select a tie with a pattern composed of the shirt and clothing colors. However, it’s OK if the neckwear also incorporates additional hues in its pattern, often in a position of prominence.

What is the appropriate footwear for seersucker?
The most traditional footwear choice for seersucker is a pair of white bucks. But actually brown or black shoes are also perfectly acceptable options with a seersucker suit.

The appropriate style of shoes is going to be some model of lace-up shoes – think captoe, split-toe, plain toe, or wingtip in design. Slip-on shoes just aren’t dressy enough.

And finally, the belt selected should match the color of the shoes worn if it’s a leather belt. And if you decide to go for a grosgrain belt, well, then live it up and choose one that makes you happy and ideally works with the colors of your seersucker suit.


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3 Responses to The seersucker suit, a staple for your summer wardrobe.

  1. Bub says:

    Seersucker suits have always been both timely and timeless. Wonderful for work as well as a summer wedding. I’ve been to weddings where the entire male wedding party wore seersucker, even the groom.

  2. Dominique Brown says:

    Seersucker is very nice in the spring/summer. The neckties are important with a seersucker suit. Bow ties are on the rise and definitely a come back fashion statement. Their are so many ways to tie them, however many do not know how. I like the different ways you are showing men to dress and current info. Hope to see a segment on bow ties. Men should know how to as well as women 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

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